Rockwool Cubes

R1 - R8


Rockwool Cubes are used for rooting cuttings and germinating seeds until they grow into seedlings.

They are made by spinning a combination of basalt and chalk until they create an intertwined mixture that is similar to the consistency of cotton wool. The mixture is then pressed and formed into cubes.



  • Rockwool is formed from natural materials, therefore it contains no harmful chemicals. This makes it safe to use as a rooting medium and substrate material for your plants.


  • Since Rockwool is a manufactured material, it contains no seeds, pests or disease pathogens that could harm your plants.
  • It contains no nutrients, microbes or organic compounds that could interfere with the overall well-being of your plants. Because of the lack nutrients in Rockwool, your cuttings and seedlings will require a solution to meet their nutritional needs.

Water Retention

  • Due to the physical structure of Rockwool, excess water drains out of the material very quickly, however small amounts will retain at the bottom of the cube. This feature allows plants to stay adequately hydrated while still allowing enough oxygen to enter the roots.
  • This property makes Rockwool an ideal solution for hydroponic growing. Rockwool's ability to retain water can result in being unsure when to irrigate your plants, please be sure to not over-water.


  • Rockwool is derived from rock and therefore does not erode or break down over time. This property allows for the product to be reused more than once.
  • Boil or steam the material between uses to kill diseases or unwanted pests.


How To Use


  • Place a seed in the hole at the top of the rockwool growing medium.
  • Water using a hydroponic nutrient solution.
  • When the plants are 5 to 8 cm tall, they can be transplanted into soil or placed in a hydroponic garden.

Stem Cuttings:

  • The night before taking a cutting, water the mother plant thoroughly.
  • In the morning, remove a 10 cm cutting from the mother plant. Dip the cut end of the stem into a rooting hormone and place the cutting in the rockwool.
  • Place in humidity dome
  • Keep humidity very high for the first week, and slowly bring down the humidity in the last week or two of rooting