RAM Bug Barrier

R40 - R70


The RAM Bug Barrier is made from a high-quality fine mesh material screening that comes in various sizes and is placed over intake fans to prevent insects from reaching your grow room. 

The RAM Bug Barrier comes with velcro strips that are easy to adjust to ensure the product is securely attached to intake fans, preventing any chance of unwanted pests entering your grow room. The RAM Bug Barrier fits securely over your fan, making it easy for ducting to be placed over it. Additionally, the mesh is manufactured in a way that allows for minimal airflow restriction.



  • High Quality
  • Velcro Attachment
  • Minimal Airflow Restriction



  • 100mm = 4 Velcro Points
  • 150mm = 4 Velcro Points
  • 200mm = 6 Velcro Points
  • 250mm = 8 Velcro Points


Identifying Pests

Insects can cause some serious damage to plants if left to their own devices. Hints that your grow room might have a pest problem include:

  • Curled and distorted leaf growth
  • Holes in plant foliage
  • Leaf discolouration
  • Webs
  • Clusters of small bugs found on the underside of leaves
  • Bugs found in the top layer of soil
  • Small white specks on the leaves of your plant
  • Use yellow sticky traps to identify pests before they get a chance to spread and cause damage
  • Tip Have Pyrol on hand if you don't have any insecticides, very useful as part of your tool kit as it's effective on nearly all pests.