The PhoneScope is an easy-to-use microscope that helps you to get the best from your indoor garden by delivering an extreme close-up view of your plants (and any pests that may be inhabiting them).

The Phonescope increases the magnification levels on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to take images that show details at thirty times (30x) the standard magnification rates. With access to crystal clear, close-up pictures, you can then diagnose issues much more easily.

30x magnification shows enough detail to easily pick out bugs. Armed with the right information, you can then formulate a plan that will help you to correct the situation. With better information, you'll make better decisions, which makes for an improved indoor garden.

The PhoneScope is also great for analyzing essential oil glands. By looking at the colour of these glands, it's possible to make an assessment about a plant's level of maturity, which can be useful if you're trying to decide when to harvest.



  • Compatible with almost any smartphone (and most tablets)
  • Provides 30x magnification - thirty times bigger images than usual!
  • Automatically lights images when fitted to your phone
  • Uses your standard camera software - no need for a separate app
  • Fits around your phone easily and ready to start taking pictures in seconds
  • User friendly and simple operation
  • Helps to diagnose pest infestations
  • 1 Year Warranty (T&C apply) 


How to Use

You can start taking pictures with the PhoneScope within seconds of opening the box:

  • Pull the spring-levers back and slide the unit over your phone or tablet, so that the lens of the magnifying glass sits in front of the lens on your phone.
  • When the levers are pulled back, the PhoneScope's light switches on automatically, prepping you for the shot.
  • Navigate to your camera software and take an image, or you can simply view everything through the your smartphone screen in real-time.