Net Pots

R4 - R20


Heavy Duty Net Pots are reusable and are made from polyethylene plastic mesh material. These pots feature a heavier gauge and denser plastic netting that is more resistant to cracking. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used in various applications to suit your needs.

Net Pots are suitable in a variety of growing mediums and allow liquid to flow freely past the roots of your plants, facilitating the uptake of nutrients. As the plant grows, the roots extend out of the holes in the Net Pot, and grow down through the pot in search of water.

These pots permit roots to grow through the mesh, providing good air circulation and drainage. Bigger roots result in plants that are better able to acquire nutrients and moisture, greatly improving plant health.

Net Pots not only give the plant some stability and growth potential, but also promote a strong and healthy root system.

Net pots offer a quick, simple, easy and cost effective way to make your own hydroponic system, whether it be for a simple bubble bucket or advanced NFT system. Ideal for use in aeroponic systems as they offer the plants excellent breathing opportunities.

Net Pots can be used in combination with Clay Pebbles or Coco Mixture.

Tip: Orchids love clay pebbles and net pots.



Net Pot - 55mm

  • Top Diameter: 55mm
  • Bottom Diameter: 36mm
  • Height: 50mm

Net Pot - 77mm

  • Top Diameter: 77mm 
  • Bottom Diameter: 57mm
  • Height: 66mm 

Heavy Duty Net Pot - 140mm 

  • Top Diameter: 140mm
  • Bottom Diameter: 97mm
  • Height: 106mm

Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pot - 200mm