Mixed Insect Frass

R63 - R880


Natural Biofertilizer and pesticide. 

Green Houston's Mixed Insect Frass contains high concentrations of beneficial microbial life and chitin. Our insect Frass has an average of 35% raw chitin per volume and is derived from 13 different insect species giving it a very unique and board gut microbial load. The presence of chitin in the insect frass signals plants to protect themselves from an insect attack, leading to increased resistance to pests and disease. It has an inherent beneficial Trichoderma fungi present in the Frass and as a stand alone product works well with any nutrient program as an additive. 

The secrete is chitinChitin is a naturally occurring polysaccharide found in exoskeletons and droppings of insects. This activates beneficial microorganisms trigger the plant's immune system to go into full alert.



  • 100% Natural Plant enhancer
  • Excellent slow-release fertilizer
  • Strengthens the defenses within the plant against pests and pathogens;
  • Plants self vaccinate against Root Rot, Nematodes, Botrytis(Grey Mold), Powdery
    Mildew, Early and Late Blight
  • Rehabilitate depleted soils
  • Increased Carbon and Nitrogen uptake
  • Adds beneficial microbes which Increases crop yield
  • Overall plant health and growth 



  • Fertilizer Group 2 Registration No: B5716 Act 36 of 1947
  • Produced from dried, sieved and blended multiple species Insect Frass
  • Minimum of 11 Species 
  • N: 32.50g per kg
  • P: 12.40g per kg
  • K: 23.70g per kg
  • S: 6.40g per kg
  • Ca: 16.80g per kg
  • Mg: 7.10g per kg


How to use

Soil Amendment:

  • 30L of growing medium:  Mix 1 - 2 cups (240ml- 480ml).
  • Per 1L of growing medium: Mix 1 tablespoon (14ml).

Garden Bed Amendment:

  • Add Insect Frass at approx. ½ cup (120ml) per meter squared (m²), mixing well into the top 10-15cm of soil. Can be applied every 3-6 weeks. 

Top Dressing:

  • 30L of growing medium:  Apply 4 Tablespoons (60ml) every approx. 3 weeks.
  • Other recommended products to top dress here.
  • Follow with a normal watering. Always use dechlorinated water for organics.

Worm Bin & Compost Pile:

  • The worms and microbes turn the insect frass meal into a form the plant can use it, which helps produce some of the highest quality worm castings. What you put in is what you get out.
  • Activate with composting soil microbes: Byodyne Environoc 501.

1L (approx. 0.4kg)

For placement of large or bulk orders contact us at: office@greenhouston.co.za