Jiffy Performa Glue Plugs

R86 - R1 890


Jiffy Performa Glue Plugs are fully bound and homogeneous, comprising hundreds of small air pockets evenly dispersed within the plug. This encourages advanced root proliferation throughout the entirety of the plug's volume, with no netting in the way to inhibit its growth following potting.

Significantly cleaner calluses are formed in cuttings grown in Performa plugs than in alternative propagation substrates, leading to a higher quantity of active root nodes, thus expediting multiple root formation.

Jiffy Performa Glue Plugs are typically packaged with moisture present, posing the potential presence of fungal colonies, in the vast majority of cases (99%) comprised of non-pathogenic saprophytes, such as Trichoderma and Peziza.


Features & Benefits

  • Preforma plugs consistently retain an air content of 30% or more
  • Ready-to-go
  • Fast rooting
  • Automation
  • The plant plug binder’s structure ensures no transplant shock
  • Ease of transport and deployment
  • A small amount of fertilizer is added to assist seedlings and cuttings in the early stages of growth.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • All materials used and final products are RHP certified


Dimensions & specifications:

  • Plug size: Cylindrical, 30mm x 50mm
  • Composition 70 % Cocopeat 30 % Peat
  • Fertilizers 0,5 kg/m3
  • NPK fertilizer 0,6 kg/m3
  • N fertilizer 0,6 kg/m3
  • Lime 25 g/m3
  • Fe Specifications pH* 4,7 - 5,3 EC* 0,8 - 1,2
  • MPS data N 153 g/m3 (from added fertilizer) P2O5 70 g/m3 K2O 120 g/m3