Short Flowering

R465 - R9 865


Plants with a short flowering time of 8 weeks or less need higher amounts of readily available potassium, in the early stages, to produce higher yields and more resinous flowers in a shorter period of time.



  • Short Flowering provides the perfect balance of macro and micro-elements for all phases of growth.
  • When used by itself, Short Flowering provides the correct nutrients in the correct ratio for short flowering strains.
  • Short Flowering can be used in every growing medium.



Total Nitrogen [N] 16%
                                    Nitrate Nitrogen 11% 
                                    Ammoniacal Nitrogen 5% 
Soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide [P 2 O 5] 6%
Soluble Potash Oxide [K 2 O] 26%
Soluble Magnesium Oxide [Mg] 3.3%
Soluble Boron [B] 0.01%
Soluble Copper (as chelate from EDTA) [Cu] 0.04%
Soluble Iron (as chelate from EDTA) [Fe] 0.1%
Soluble Manganese (as chelate from EDTA) [Mn]               0.05%
Soluble Molybdenum [Mo] 0.01%
Soluble Zinc (as chelate from EDTA) [Zn] 0.01%


NPK: 16-6-26 

Maximum Solubility: 160g/L water
Recommended amount for stock solution: 30g/L water


How to Use

Whether you grow in coco, hydroponics or aeroponics , with all of these systems you should measure your pH and EC values.

Plants or seedlings: 

  • Mix 2.5 - 7g of Short Flowering per 10L of water

Growth of flowering phase: 

  • Mix 7 - 10g of Short Flowering per 10L of water


  • Feed every other watering


  • Feed every watering and flush once a week


  • Feed every watering

Short Flowering is recommended to be used with:


Short Flowering

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