T.A. DualPart Coco Grow (GHE FloraCoco)

R260 - R11 690


FloraCoco Series nutrients allow you to perfectly match the changing needs of your plants by varying the mix as your grow progresses; more FloraGrow during growth, and more FloraBloom for flowering and fruiting: simple and incredibly effective by design.

FloraCoco is exceptionally rich in calcium and magnesium, but it also contains the full range of other elements that a plant needs for healthy vigorous growth, followed by bountiful flowering and fruiting.

This product includes the trace micro elements which give your final product all the aroma and flavour that your plant is capable of developing.

As with most of our nutrients, you can use both FloraCoco Grow and Bloom throughout the life-cycle of your plants; simply change the ratio between the two as your plants' progress.


How to use

  • Shake well before each use, add each part to water separately, mix thoroughly, and always rinse measuring equipment.
  • For best results, use with Freedom Farms 50/50 Coco Perlite or Formula 1.
  • T.A. DualPart Coco Grow is very concentrated: a maximum of just 4.5ml/L in water is required. See the main GHE DualPart Coco feed chart below.

 Made in France


Use with FloraCoco Series


Coco feeding chart  

 GHE FLoraCoco schedule how to use