ENVIRONOC 301 - Water Health

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Environoc 301 has over 23 strains of fresh, viable and natural microbes selected for their capabilities to handle the degradation of “common” organics in wastewater and the reduction of grease and hydrogen sulfide odors.

Used in aquaponics - providing benefits to both fish and flora.

For those using drip irrigation it is a fantastic way to clean your pipes and drippers safely - microbes in 301 are fantastic for existing soil health too.


Why 301?

Reduces nitrates, phosphates and sludge build-up, helping to achieve a healthy microbial balance in your water which reduces solids and odors and reduced potential nitrogenous inhibitors – rapidly improving water clarity. 

Comprises 20+ strains of healthy, natural microbes and their metabolites which outcompete algae for nutrients improving water quality and reducing the sludge that attracts harmful pathogens. In addition, our billions of microbes can neutralize toxic substances that can cause harm to your fish.


Pond Muck Reduction / Water Clarity Enhancement

Excessive muck layer or sludge is often the buildup of organics like dead vegetation, leaves, or grass clippings, as well as fish and fowl waste products. Proper inoculation with Environoc 301 can reduce the muck layer in ponds as well as clarify the water of organic waste. The microbial inoculation ensures a healthy colony of beneficial microorganisms that digest the organics in the muck layer and water and keep your pond healthy and clean.


Wide variety of alternative uses: 

  • Reduced BOD, COD, sludge, grease and hydrogen sulfide in wastewater and collections systems.
  • Waste and odour reduction in animal cultivation and animal rearing operation.
  • Reduced grease in restaurants, food preparation and processing facilities that lead to excessive pumping, line plugging and odour.
  • Improved performance of septic tanks, drain-fields and recovery of fouled absorption fields.
  • Biological treatment of drains.
  • Livestock and animal waste treatment
  • Utilized for wastewater treatment / grease reduction.



  • High count microbial inoculant with efficacy across a number of environmental applications.
  • Degradation of “common” organics in wastewater. Reduction of grease and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) for odour reduction.
  • Microbes in Environoc 301 are fantastic for existing soil health too.
  • Improved water conditions by reducing harmful levels of Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate.
  • Pathogen inhibition as Environoc 301’s billions of beneficial microbes out-compete pathogens for food and nutrition.
  • Reduction in nutrient concentration – this means less opportunity for algae proliferation.
  • Reductions in TDS (Total dissolved solids) and TSS (Total suspended solids)



  • Suitable for use in Organic Farming according to EC and NOP Regulations - Ecofert Certification: SA F-32600
  • 23 species of live microorganisms representing 10 different genera
    • Bacteria: Gram + and gram – strains that degrade carbohydrates, proteins and lipids with some strains that are able to reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide and metabolize various forms of inorganic nitrogen.
    • Actinomycetes: Specialized group of bacteria that have the ability to degrade complex polymers such as cellulose, chitin, their intermediates and related compounds.
    • Fungi: Unicellular fungi with complementary degradation skills.
  • Concentration: >500million microbes per milliliter
  • Other Ingredients: <0.25% mixture of soy protein, yeast extract and molasses in water
  • Appearance: Tan- to brown-colored liquid that flows like water
  • Odour: Fresh product has a mild odor of creamed corn. Stored product will have stronger odour with time.
  • pH: 6.5 – 7.5
  • Manufactured by Biodyne South Africa


How To Use


      • Dosage: 5ml per 1m² (1000L) of water. Repeat once weekly or with water changes.

      Odor & algae for hydroculture (Water medium plants)

      • Great for keeping the water body healthy of hydrophytes and Macrophytes plants (plants that grow with zero soil in a water medium - i.e. house plant in a glass bowel).
      • 1ml per 5L of water every water change.

      Garden ponds, Koi ponds, water features

      • In the first month and during the summer months apply 80ml per m² (1000L) of water surface once monthly.
      • Thereafter apply 50 ml pond clean once monthly.
      • During winter months apply 50 ml once monthly per m² of water surface.
      • For ease of application dilute the above dosages with 500 ml chlorine-free water and apply.


          Application notes:

          • Shake well before using
          • Use dechlorinated water
          • Can't be overused


          Storage notes:

          • Store in a dark, cool place - Never in direct sunlight.
          • At ambient temperature the product should maintain its predicted activity for up to 3 months.
          • With refrigeration, the product should maintain its predicted activity for up to 6 months.
          • Do NOT freeze
          • Use By Date – Beyond the periods mentioned above, the product will not go “bad” but rather due to possible reduction in microbial numbers, the recommended dose for application may no longer achieve the desired result. By increasing the dose, the product may still provide acceptable results.
          • At Green Houston we typically bottle a month or less before you purchase to assure freshness. 


          Extra Information

          Ecological Information: With regard to environmental fate and behavior, this product is not expected to impose any environmental risk. Without continuous application, populations revert to pre-inoculation numbers with no lasting impact on the environment and indigenous populations.

          Ecotoxicity Information: This product has been in use for over 20 years for surface water, groundwater and land applications and has never been reported to be toxic to animals or plants.