Adjustable Ducting Clamps

R16 - R30


Flexible Jubilee Clamps (also known as quick release clamps) are made from strong, Stainless Steel and are  used to clamp/connect Plain Ducting or Acoustic Ducting to a In-line Fan and Carbon Filter.


How to use

They are super easy to install and will last you for many grows to come. To install a clamp, you simply screw it open wide enough to fit over the end of your ducting, slip your ducting over the Inline-Fan/Carbon Filter's flange and screw it closed to ensure your ducting is fastened on tightly.

Helpful tip: Aluminium tape will come loose after several months/weeks of usage due to vibrations and airflow pressure if used alone. Many growers use ducting clamps in combination with Aluminium tape.



  • Flexible Clamps - Reusable and adjustable size
  • Manufactured from only stainless steel
  • Essential to secure high pressure (airflow) ducting 


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