R25 - R65


Ducting  is used to connect inline fans with items like spigot flanges, air carbon scrubbers or other fittings.

Our flexible ducting is manufactured with multi layer lining made of an aluminium strip (2 layers) and polyester film (1 layers) in which a spiral wire of harmonic steel is inserted between the layers.

Do not worry about the extra couple of millimetres space, this is to ensure a snug fitting on all vent sizes, as some differ slightly. One can always secure the ducting to the vent with aluminium tape or a tightly fitted bracket.


  • Inner Duct Construction: 2 Aluminium, 1 Polyester
  • Nominal Thickness of Inner Duct: 47 Micron
  • Insulation: 25 mm Polyester/Glasswool
  • High temperature range: -30C / +140C
  • High air velocity rating: 30m/second
  • High operating pressure: 2500 Pa


Please Note:

Price represents 1 piece =1 meter

Maximum length on a single piece is 10 meters. For example, when ordering 12 meters, you will receive 1x10 meter length and 1x2 meter length.

We always recommend you buy the ducting in groups of 10m for a clean/factory cut and for cleanliness to avoid potential contamination.

ducting for growrooms