Deluxe 202 Humidifier & Air Purifier

R850 - R3 249


The Deluxe 202 Humidifier & Air Purifier is a new 2021 model that not only keeps the air humid, it also has been sterilized by an ultraviolet lamp, prior to humidification. 

Running a humidifier in hard water areas can be an issue due to the build up of calcium carbonate deposits.  With this in mind, the Deluxe 202 comes with a large limescale filter to help soften the water before humidification.

The Deluxe 202 has a quiet Night Mode which will switch off all the LEDs - giving your plants a good nights rest!

The 202 Deluxe has a range of controls to help you get the best out of the humidifier with a three stage mist output, hot or cold mist function, aroma diffuser, auto humidistat and a variable mist output for more even distribution of the clean, humidified air within the room. The Deluxe is suitable for large rooms up to 65m².

Benefits & Features

  • The HEPA filter retains 97.3% of particles 0.3 micrometres in diameter to help clean the air in your room.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier with remote control.
  • Warm and cool mist with Aroma Diffuser.
  • Combined HEPA and Charcoal filter with up to 6 months lifespan - when they change colour from white to grey / dark grey, they should be replaced.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) lamp to clean the water before humidification
  • Hard water filter to prevent limescale build up.
  • A Mist Level Button changes the humidification output level between 40%rh and 80%rh.
  • An active charcoal filter with 12-15g of charcoal to help remove odours.
  • Low noise level of ≤ 35dB(A) when the setting is on Cool Mist  and ≤ 45dB(A) for the Warm Mist feature.
  • 17-hour run time.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
  • Two-year parts and labour warranty.



Mist Capacity  300ml / hour in cool mist mode
400ml / hour in warm mist mode
Moisture Output (High)

≥400ml/h (Warm mist)

≥300ml/h (Cool mist)

Moisture Output (Medium)

≥300ml/h ( Warm mist)  

≥200ml/h (Cool mist)

Moisture Output (Low)

≥200ml/h ( Warm mist) 

≥100ml/h (Cool mist)

Tank Capacity 5.3 litres
Power 25W in cool mist mode
105W in warm mist mode
Noise Level Maximum 35dB(A)- Cool Mist
Maximum 45dB(A)- Warm Mist
Aroma Diffuser Yes
Ioniser Yes
Ultraviolet Water Sterilisation Yes
Timer Yes - between 1 and 10 hours
Night Mode Yes
Adjustable Humidity Level Yes - between 40%rh and 80%rh
Auto Shut-Off Yes
HEPA Filters Yes
Carbon Filters Yes
Dimensions (HWD) 335 x 255 x 150 mm
Nett Weight 2,05 Kgs


General Usage Guidelines 

High speed vibrations inside the humidifier create tiny water particles that are blown into the room from the top of the humidifier. We recommend setting the humidifier to reach a target level of to 60%rh - this depends on the stage of your growing cycle. Mould forms at 68%rh so it is important not to set the target humidity level too high.

The ultraviolet lamp in the base of the humidifier when turned on will kill bacteria and germs that might be present in the water to ensure mist that is humidified is as clean as possible. As part of this process the plastic in the base will discolour and will turn yellow. This is not a fault and is impossible to prevent, it is proof that the UV is doing its job. The UV lamp turns off when the tank is removed from the base. Never try and look directly at an UV lamp when in use as this could damage your eyesight.

It is very normal for an ultrasonic humidifier to create a puddle of water on whatever surface it is standing on. You can avoid or reduce this by directing the mist nozzles away from each other to ensure that the mist goes in different directions and it is not all concentrated in the one area. You can also reduce the mist output if necessary, to reduce the amount of moisture landing in front of the humidifier. A fan could also be used to help distribute the mist around the whole of your room.

If the furniture that you are placing the humidifier is vulnerable to moisture damage, then we recommend using a different location or protecting the surface in front of the humidifier.