Cloning System (24 units)

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The PLANT!T 24 site clone system is a great product if you need helping making clones of your plants. The PLANT!T 24 site clone system helps to create the correct environment for your plants to take root and and thrive using aeroponics.

You can expect to see small roots development as early as 3 days after the clone has been placed in the system. 


    • With immaculate rooting rates at 24 sites, this areoponic system allows cloning multiple plants to become quick, easy and stress free.
    • Taking plants made easy: Cut > insert > Root > Transplant
    • 1 Year Warranty (T&C applies)
    • Different coloured neoprene collars allow growers to easily keep track of different plants or plants that are at different ages. This improves organization in a busy grow room environment. Find more Neoprene Clone Collars here.
    • By adding a bubble to your system you can create increased aeration for your nutrients in the reservoir, with an added air stone hole.
    • The 5 head manifold allows roots to remain wet and fed at all times while at the same time increasing the amount of contact they have with air. This results in clones that take root much quicker.
    • Easy to use collapsible humidity dome.
    • Highly economical product.
    • Adjustable air vents on humidity dome.
    • Comes with 5 spare nozzles and all parts are cheaply replaceable at Green Houston.
    • Great to use with scalpels and hydrogen peroxide required to keep your environment sterile.
    • An optional air pump, air stone and tubing (Dedicated outlet slot available for air pump tubing).


    Cloning system

    How It Works

    • The 24-clone system sprays the root/rootzone with water using mist/droplets. It does this by pumping water through the nozzle attachment.
    • This system requires less intervention from the grower because it uses aeroponics.
    • Aeroponics is a great system to use when trying to get 24 clones to root quickly as the plants are still small and are easy to work with. This is in comparison to 24 fully sized plants where using aeroponics becomes more difficult.

    Cloning system comes all inclusive with:

    • 1 × 24-site Lid
    • 1 × Reservoir
    • 1 × Submergable water pump
    • 1 × Manifold with 5 spray nozzles
    • 5 × Spare/replaceable Spray nozzles
    • 1 × Collapsible humidity dome
    • 24 ×48mm Neoprene Clone Collars
    • 2 × Support Bars
    • 1 x User manual 

    Dimensions L x W x H (without dome): 40cm x 28cm x 24cm 

    Dimensions L x W x H (with dome): 40cm x 28cm x 41cm

    Want to take your cloning even a step further?

    Have a look at our Lighthouse Clone tent and T5 EnviroGro Lumii light.

    With a combination of our cloning system, clone tent and lumii light you will be professionally set with out having to worry about your clones again!

    User Tips:

    • Optimum water temperature: 18°C - 20°C (use a 25w submersible heater if growing environment is colder than 18°C)
    • Optimum Ph level: 6 - 6.5 (use a Ph meter, Ph control and a pipette for pH management) 
    • Rooting gell is optional to seal the Neoprene clone disc on clone stem
    • Maintain high humidity for the first week and slowly lower humidity over time.