Clip Oscillating Multi-Fan



A versatile Oscillating fan for multiple applications.  The Oscillating Multi Fan has 2 speed settings and includes a 1.4 m power cable. This is a must have for tight spots in grow tents and small grow rooms.



  • Impeller size: 160 mm (6”)
  • Size: 180mm (8”)
  • Power: 20W
  • Noise: 50db
  • Oscillating angle: 90°
  • Speed: 2 speed settings
  • Strong desk grip feature 
  • Power cable: 1.4m - 3 Prong South African plug
  • Max operating temperature of 40 degrees C
  • Voltage: 110-240 V | 50-60 Hz
  • 6 Month Warranty (T&C apply) 



  • Takes much less space in grow room than a standard fan
  • Can be placed almost anywhere
  • Ultra quite
  • Easy to clean 
  • Strong clip designed for tent poles
  • 2-speed


Benefits of airflow

Reduction in mold and bacteria 

  • Mold will grow wherever there is high humidity and stagnant air. When air is not moving around your plants, the moisture built up from watering the plants and air humidity cannot evaporate properly, thus causing mold to develop. A fan will help airflow around the leaves and at the base of the plant around the soil to help water evaporation.

Pest deterrent 

  • Moving air makes it tough for common plant pests to land on the plants. Having a top dry layer in the soil will make it less likely that the insects will reproduce in the soil. Airflow around your plants will make it a challenge for bugs to land on your plants to make it home. Have you ever noticed how few mosquito are around during windy days? Its the same concept.

Strengthens plants 

  • A slight breeze is very beneficial to strengthening the branches of the plans allowing for more root growth and larger yields.

Keeps temperature constant 

  • The heat from the lamps inside the grow room can build up in zones around the plants. This heat will damage the plants or lead to poor growth. Grow lights can put off very little heat or a lot of heat depending on what type of lights you are using. This could create a micro heat zone around the plants which is not desirable. Using a fan to circulate air will help maintain a more constant temperature.

Improves Co2 levels 

  • The average Co2 level in the atmosphere is at roughly 400 parts per million, which is very small allowing for your plants to be easily starved. For this reason, supplemental Co2 is often used. If there is no airflow in certain areas, there will be dead zones in the air. These dead zones can also clog the pores of the plant. By moving the air in your room, you are bringing in fresh Co2 for your plants to consume. Airflow with Co2 is one of the key pillars to successful harvests; other pillar as nutrients and lighting.