Root Juice

R295 - R6 850


This product is made entirely from vegetable ingredients and designed for organic gardening, it combines two amazing natural substances: premium humic acid and seaweed.

It is specially formulated to encourage vigorous root development and enhance the natural biological life that surrounds and supports your plant’s root system.

This product helps with the initial roots stage as well as the growth of plants that have already rooted, ensuring the plant is better prepared to absorb nutrients quickly – resulting in a strong, resilient crop and a guaranteed good harvest for all plant breeders.



    • Encourages vigorous root development
    • Prepares the plant to absorb nutrients more quickly
    • Helps reduce transplant shock
    • Stimulates beneficial microbe activity
    • Increases plant’s health and immunity
    • Accelerates nutrient uptake
    • Made entirely from vegetable ingredients

    All BioBizz products encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone. This increases yield and root-health.


    How To Use

    •  Ideal for adding to soil, peat, and coco mixes, provides guaranteed root protection with hydroponic or aeroponic systems.
    • When using All·Mix or Light·Mix substrates, it’s best to feed plants during the first week(s) with Root·Juice as this is the crucial time period for healthy rooting.
    • Recommended dose of 1 to 4 ml per litre of water. View or download feeding schedule below for best results

    NPK: 0.1 – 0.1 – 0.1


    Please Note:

    Not created for hydroponic systems, will clump up and go off if long standing in reservoirs. 

    Store it in a dark, dry room with an average room temperature of 18C. - Don´t store them in the fridge. Bio•Heaven™ and Acti•Vera™ are especially sensitive. 


    Nutrient schedule


    BioBizz Root Juice schedule

    BioBizz Root Juice

    FAQ - by Biobizz & Green Houston


    Is it necessary to use a calcium/magnesium supplement when using the Biobizz products?

    Under normal conditions it is not necessary to use a Ca/Mg supplement if we use most or all Biobizz products. Only in some very demanding grows, like some cases of crops in coco coir, would it be necessary to use a Ca/Mg supplement, since it is a demanding and unconventional substrate.


    Do I need to use additional bacteria or micorrhyzae with Biobizz?

    Not necessarily, but it helps. It is not necessary to inhibit fungi or introduce beneficial fungi into the substrate. Mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria(Explogrow) that we have sourced locally in SA are next to none when it comes to their proven performance and quality in organics. 


    Can I use dry amendments (bone meal, kelp meal, malted barely, wromcastings etc) in combination with Biobizz?

    Of course! Using organic material in conjunction with Biobizz products is positive, provided that only organic or ecological products are used. However, it is important not to abuse the organic matter so as not to saturate the substrate with nitrogenous bases.


    Do you have a Nutrient Schedule for autoflowers?

    There is no specific Nutrient Schedule for autoflowering plants, but it is possible to use the current Nutrient Schedule with them. The feeding of the autoflowering is faster, so we should skip some weeks of the regular Nutrient Schedule to adapt to their needs.