Bio Bloom

R150 - R3 650


BioBizz Bio-Bloom is a complete liquid organic flowering fertiliser. 

It contains the optimum blend of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, along with enzymes and amino acids which work together in perfect harmony with the substrate. Trace elements and hormones of vegetable origin have also been added to help create a strong-stemmed and vigorous flowering plant.



  • Bio Bloom is derived entirely from plant extracts, making it vegan-friendly.
  • It contains kelp to give a high level of potassium and phosphorous to boost flowering.
  • Contains traces of molasses from sugar beat cane to enhance flavour.
  • Contains a carefully selected mix of enzymes, amino acids  and hormones to encourage vigorous growth and an overall healthy plant.
  • Increases yields by having a spot on NPK Ratio for flowering of: 2 – 7 – 4 
  • Enriched with amino acids, hormones, and 70 trace elements.

All BioBizz products encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone. This increases yield and root-health.


How to use

  • BioBizz Bio-Bloom can be used for soil, soil-less, or fortified coco and is therefore a complete fertilizer used from the beginning of fruit or flower production until harvest. 
  • Can be used in conjunction with a salt based supplement to enhance flavour and yield in the flowering stage.

NPK Ratio: 2 – 7 – 4


Please Note:

Not created for hydroponic systems, will clump up and go off if long standing in reservoirs. 

Please store it in a dark, dry room with an average room temperature of 18C. - Do not store in the fridge.

Nutrient Schedule


FAQ - by Biobizz & Green Houston


Is it necessary to use a calcium/magnesium supplement when using the Biobizz products?

Under normal conditions it is not necessary to use a Ca/Mg supplement if we use most or all Biobizz products. Only in some very demanding grows, like some cases of crops in coco coir, would it be necessary to use a Ca/Mg supplement, since it is a demanding and unconventional substrate.


Do I need to use additional bacteria or micorrhyzae with Biobizz?

Not necessarily, but it helps. It is not necessary to inhibit fungi or introduce beneficial fungi into the substrate. Mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria(Explogrow) that we have sourced locally in SA are next to none when it comes to their proven performance and quality in organics. 


Can I use dry amendments (bone meal, kelp meal, malted barely, wromcastings etc) in combination with Biobizz?

Of course! Using organic material in conjunction with Biobizz products is positive, provided that only organic or ecological products are used. However, it is important not to abuse the organic matter so as not to saturate the substrate with nitrogenous bases.


Do you have a Nutrient Schedule for autoflowers?

There is no specific Nutrient Schedule for autoflowering plants, but it is possible to use the current Nutrient Schedule with them. The feeding of the autoflowering is faster, so we should skip some weeks of the regular Nutrient Schedule to adapt to their needs.