600W Dual Spectrum Lamp - Black Edition



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The LUMii Black HPS Lamp is a 600W High-Pressure Sodium Lamp with an E40 fitting. Offering a high output with a raised spectral discharge in both the reds and blues, this bulb is perfect for stimulating enhanced flowering. The LUMii Black HPS Lamp offers up to 20,000 life hours and 90,000 Lumens. This coupled with a long lamp life provides growers with the perfect value-for-money plant grow light.

Generally speaking, most High-Pressure Sodium lamps emit a warm light of around 2200 Kelvin, what this means is that it is most suited to the flowering stage of growth. With a Dual Spectrum lamp, however, both warm and cool light is emitted which allows for the lamp to be more suited for both the vegetative stage as well as the flowering stage.

The LUMii BLACK range is the entry range of horticultural lighting. Low on price but not low on quality, reliability or performance. Other products in this range include the Electronic Ballast as well as the Wing Reflector.



  • 600W HPS Lamp
  • 20000 hours life
  • Dual Spectrum - slightly broader spectrum compared to your typical HPS bulb, more suitable for both vegetative and flowering



Brand Lumii
Weight 80g
Life hours 20 000 hrs
Colour Temperature 2000K
Watts 600w
Note* Requires a ballast to run the lamp (Electronic Ballast) & recommended with a reflector (Wing Reflector).