50-HZ International Series - Dehumidifier

R950 - R71 000


Precise Humidity Control by Quest - Versatile, powerful and energy efficient

Quest dehumidifiers can transform an unstable growing environment into one that allows you to achieve and maintain precise conditions in which plants can flourish. This includes deterring and preventing the growth of destructive molds throughout each growing stage.

Quest has the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers available, using the least electricity and removing more liters of water per kWh at the widest temperature range. Quest’s innovative design also creates the lightest heat load on your HVAC, paying for itself in energy savings.

With overhead mount capability, Quest lets you maximize your grow space and profits.

Made in Madison, WI, Quest meets or exceeds the highest standards (CE certified). Plus, it’s backed by an industry-leading warranty. Quest dehumidifiers will efficiently control humidity from germination to harvest, maintaining a growing environment that’s vital to the success of indoor and hydroponic gardening.

Quest Dehumidifiers manufacture the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers in the world, making them the premier choice of indoor gardeners. Since the mid-2000s, Quest has supported the cannabis industry, working with growers to improve the quality of cannabis through the implementation of clean growing processes


Quest 506 Quest 506



  • MERV 13 FILTRATION - captures dangerous airborne particles, prevents powdery mildew and botrytis
  • TRIPLE THREAT - Compact, Cost-Effective, and High Performing
  • DUCTABLE- intake and exhaust kits are available with long-life impeller fan
  • HIGH EFFIENCY PERFORMACE - no dehumidifier is more efficient
  • ONBOARD DEHUMIDISTAT - along with a low voltage terminal block
  • WIDEST OPERATING RANGE - of temperature and relative humidity
  • OVERHEAD OR GROUND PLACEMENT - built to fit with what works for your space
  • MADE IN THE USA - built to last
  • WARRANTY - 3 Year

Quest 70

Performance and economy in a compact package

When you need to control humidity in tight spaces, the Quest 70 50-Hertz overhead dehumidifier offers an economical, targeted, high performing solution.

Best yet, it’s a compact unit that has among the widest relative humidity and temperature operating ranges we offer.

Quest 155

The Quest 155 50-Hertz is one of the most energy efficient dehumidifiers available on the market. It’s so efficient, it could save you thousands in energy costs over competing units.

Best yet, it offers flexibility in installation: Hang it overhead or use duct work so you can store the unit in a different space than the one you’re dehumidifying.

Quest 706

Powered by patented coil technology that isn’t available anywhere else, the Quest 706 50-HZ is designed to work round-the-clock with maximum energy efficiency and flexibility. 

Like all Quest products, the 50-HZ Quest range is made in the USA using the very best components and materials available.

Unit 706 coming in stock soon.



Quest 70 dehumidifier

Quest 155 Dehumidifier

Quest 706 Dehumidifier

Water Removal @ 26.7°C/60% RH 26 LITERS/DAY 71 LITERS/DAY 334 LITERS/DAY
Current Draw: (Amps)
2.1 AMPS (480 WATTS) 3.5 AMPS (800 WATTS) 18.6 AMPS (4150 WATTS)
Efficiency: (Liters/kWh) 2.2 3.74 3.4
Airflow/Blower: 255 M3/HR (150 CFM)  705 M3/HR (415 CFM) 2380 M3/HR (1400 CFM)
31 CM W X 31 CM H X 54 CM L 51 CM W X 55 CM H X 97 CM L 74 CM W X 86 CM H X 114 CM L
Weight: 25 KG 61 KG 154 KG
MERV-13 Air Filter Size: 23cm x 28cm x 3cm 41cm x 51cm x 5cm 46cm x 51cm x 5cm
Operating Temp: 5°C to 35°C 13°C to 35°C 13°C to 43°C
Power Cord: 7m Fem IEC 60320-C13 (50cm) 7m Fem IEC 60320-C13 (50cm) Cord not provided - Direct
wired only
Supply voltage: 230 VAC - 1 Phase - 50 Hz 230 VAC - 1 Phase - 50 Hz 230 VAC - 1 Phase - 50 Hz
Warranty: 3 years 3 years 3 years


The 50 Hz dehumidifier Quest range product is designed to be compatible with 50-Hertz electrical systems which we have in South Africa.

How to use

Please refer to the operating manual's attached for proper installation & optimal operation. A dehumidifier is a must for sealed infected co2 rooms.

Ultimate satisfaction depends on the quality of installation and a thorough understanding of this equipment. The dehumidifier is built around tested engineering principles and has passed thorough internal and 3rd party inspections for quality of workmanship and function


Is the dehumidifier water safe to use?

The water comes out as R.O./pure water. From test results only extremely low levels of metals were present (safe for human consumption). We would however recommend running the dehumidifier for a week with out using the output water. This ensures that there are no oils and residue that might be left in the system from production. More information: https://www.questclimate.com/laboratory-test-condensate/

Do I need ducting for humidity?

Air movement is needed to equalize temperature in the grow room but humidity diffuses rapidly throughout a room all by itself. This means dehumidifiers require no ductwork in most grow rooms.

How much moisture must be removed?

Plants transpire over 97% of the water they receive so for most grow rooms the amount of water you give your plants is approximately the amount you must remove each day.

For example 30 plants each receiving 2L per day comes to approx. 58.2L  water removal per day.

The air conditioner argument

Air conditioning can remove some moisture when lights are on, temperatures are near 26°C and there is a need for cooling.

Using an air conditioner to dehumidify a room when the lights are off is not a good idea.  Running an air conditioner to dry a room when the lights are off will often freeze-up the A/C system and will certainly consume excessive energy.

A/C systems can sometimes remove some water but they are not being as effective at cooling. And, normally, if your A/C system is running, it’s because your room needs cooling.

The best strategy for precise, efficient environmental control in a grow room: Use your A/C system to control room temperature and use your dehumidification system to control room humidity. Anything less is a gamble.


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