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CO2 Regulator

R18 - R1 400



CO2 Flowmeter / Regulator is designed for Grow Rooms, Green Houses and Aquariums. To enhance the growing environment with CO2. Increase the metabolic rate speeding up growths rates and yields by up to 40%.


How to use

The industrial Solenoid valve can be used with a timer or 220V environmental control device. The CO2 regulator connects directly to a CO2 cylinder.



  • Max Inlet Pressure: 0-250 bar / 0 - 3500 psi
  • Electricity Supply: 220V, solenoid 220V
  • Flow Rate: 1 - 25 l/min
  • Inlet connection: cga-320 (typical co2 canister connector)
  • Hose tail: suit for 4.2 mm inside diameter hose / 5mm+ outside diameter
  • Power cord:1.6m South African 3-point plug



My Regulator has frozen up and has stopped working?

These types of regulators are NOT made to release CO2 for extended periods of time ( short bursts of up to around 30 seconds only, with enough time between bursts to allow the regulator to get back to normal temperature ). 

For very large rooms a thermostatically controlled electric heated regulator will be required. An unheated unit will freeze up and cease to operate correctly or trip power supply when it releases gas for extended periods of time and too frequently! If a regulator freezes up – it is either overworked, or faulty. Both of these conditions require urgent attention.


Where do I get a CO2 tank?

CO2 Cylinders are available for rent from your local Afrox.


How do I control my CO2 regulator?

You will need a CO2 control system that can monitor CO2 levels and switch the power ON to the regulator in short burst and then back OFF again. The rate of CO2 release can be controlled on the regulator - this will depend on the size of the room.

Do not use timers or manual methods to control the regulator. As too much CO2 in a sealed environment can be fatal.